Board Meeting – 1/5 at 7PM

Dear Rio Vista Hills HOA Members,

The next meeting of the HOA Board is set for 7 PM Thursday, January 5, 2023.

On this occasion, the meeting will be held in the conference room at our CPA’s office:

Badowski & White, CPAs
510 West Savage Street
Wickenburg, AZ 85390

Please note, the entrance to the office parking lot is on Wickenburg Way.

Members of the HOA are welcome to attend HOA Board meetings. As in the past, seating is limited so please RSVP via email to Bill Owens ( to reserve a seat.

Also, the 2023 HOA Annual Meeting will be held starting at 7 PM in the Wickenburg Community Center meeting room on Monday, January 23, 2023.

Best Regards,

The RVH HOA Board
December 13, 2022

Traffic Alert – Main Entrance Closure 9/10 4am-6am

It has become necessary to perform storm related maintenance at the Rio Vista Hills main entrance archway. The work will necessitate complete closure of the main entrance roadway to all traffic. To minimize inconvenience to our residents, this work is planned to be performed between the hours of 4 AM and 6 AM this Saturday morning, September 10.

For those residents who have no option but to leave or enter RVH during the main entrance closure, the RVH emergency entrance will be open to single lane traffic. The emergency entrance/exit roadway is located at the southerly end of N 295 th Avenue and after passing through the normally closed gate, extends on downhill to Hwy 60. Please use caution as our emergency roadway is a single lane with no room for passing oncoming vehicles.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

Brett Gerasim
RVH HOA President

Fogsealing Postponement

Originally scheduled for Monday, June 27, the fogsealing operation has been postponed with a target date of September 2. Cactus Asphalt informs us that the liquid asphalt sealant will not cure properly in the high summer temperatures. We have been assured that the delay in applying the fogseal coating will not affect the longevity or durability of our newly resurfaced roads.

We will send out a notice prior to the fogsealing operation.

On behalf of the Board, thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Brett Gerasim
RVH HOA Board President

6/20 RVH Board Meeting Cancelled

Dear RVH HOA Members,

The meeting of the Rio Vista Hills HOA Board of Directors scheduled for 7PM Monday, June 20th, is cancelled and will be rescheduled. Two Board Members were unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts. The Board regrets any inconvenience this causes, and will notify RVH HOA members of the revised date.

Thank You.

Brett Gerasim

RVH HOA Board President

Chipseal of All RVH Roads Begins 6/22

Dear RVH HOA Members and neighbors,

Chipsealing of all RVH roads is scheduled to begin Wednesday June 22, and will be completed the next day. Fogsealing, a coating of asphalt sealant applied over the new chipseal, is scheduled to be applied Monday, June 27.

During these operations residents are encouraged to avoid using the roads. If you must go out, expect delays and possible accumulation of liquid asphalt on tires and painted surfaces of your vehicle. Warn your scheduled contractors, landscapers, etc. not to visit during construction. Keep pets clear of the fresh asphalt. If you walk the roads, remember to check your shoes before heading inside. Asphalt on painted surfaces can be removed with mineral spirits. The contractor is not responsible for damage or inconvenience.

Cactus Asphalt performed the most recent chipsealing of our roads and has been selected this time as well. They will be using state of the art equipment and methods of application. Pre-coated MAG (Maricopa Area Governments) specification fractured stone will be used throughout the project. The binding asphalt is produced using 10 percent recycled tire rubber for added strength, increased traction, and quiet travel. Expected service life is between seven and ten years.

On behalf of the Board, thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Brett Gerasim
RVH HOA Board President

RVH Board Meeting 6/20 @ 7PM

Dear RVH HOA Members,

A meeting of the Rio Vista Hills HOA Board of Directors has been scheduled for 7 PM Monday, June 20th at the Gerasim’s home.

Meetings are open to RVH owners. Please contact Bill Owens at (510) 813-9792 if you plan to attend.


Bill Owens

RVH HOA Secretary

Traffic Alert – 3/29 – 4/2/22

On Tuesday, 3/29,  thru Saturday, 4/2, one of our landscape contractors, Trees for Needs, will be working along our roadways. They will be cutting back vegetation and clearing lines of sight throughout Rio Vista Hills.

When approaching and driving through the work areas, please drive slowly, be patient and be alert to the movement of personnel and equipment. The crews will do their best to minimize delays to traffic.

Thank you,
Brett Gerasim

RVH HOA President

Alert – Proposed USAF Overflight Changes

Dear Rio Vista Residents and Neighbors,

This information has just recently come to the RVH HOA Board’s attention.  The Board believes this is a concerning issue requiring your immediate attention as you will read below:

The local Air Force (Gladden Military Operations Area) is proposing to increase training flights to 24 hours a day and lower the flight floor from 5000 ft. to 500 ft. This includes supersonic jets that would be flying over our neighborhood.

You have until March 4th to submit your comments on this proposal. This is an urgent issue for the quality of life in our community so please ASAP go to the web page: and complete the comment form:

1.     Click on the word “COMMENTS” in the upper right corner and the EIS form will upload immediately

2.     Fill in your name, address 

3.     Fill in the COMMENT section or upload a File of your comments (We have provided a separate file that you can use to upload or modify and upload. File name: MOA Expansion-File.docx. It is available in the Residents Only Section.)

4.     Check the box “ I am providing specific information, research, or analysis(es) relevant to the Proposed Action.”

5.     Click “SUBMIT”

Feel free to use any of the following comments:

1.     The proposed flight floor of 500 ft is not in agreement with the established Air Force floor of 1000 feet over neighborhoods (AICUZ program).

2.     The lower flight floor raises the danger level for the many dirt landing strips throughout the Gladden MOA, including the Rio Vista Hills airport.

3.     The lower flight floor also raises the risk for collisions with the Medevac Helicopters that transport critical medical patients, including their flight patterns over the Rio Vista Hills community.

4.     The increase in jet noise, including sonic booms, over neighborhoods has a number of potential serious health and environmental consequences:

a)     “In November 2019, Massachusetts General Hospital published a study finding a plausible mechanism linking excess aviation noise to cardiovascular effects”, including stroke and heart attacks (Current and Prospective Research of Noise Impacts on Health HMMH Noise News | Volume #2 | March 2020 ; management_presentations/2020/noisert_200311-aviation-noise-news.ashx/).

These findings support an earlier European study. (Aircraft Noise and the Risk of Stroke.  Dtsch Arztebl Int.  2019. 116:237-244.

b)     “Aircraft noise is one, if not the most detrimental environmental effect of aviation. It can cause community annoyance, disrupt sleep, adversely affect academic performance of children, and could increase the risk for cardiovascular disease of people” (Aviation Noise Impacts: State of the Science. Noise Health. 2017. 19: 41–50. Aviation Noise Impacts: State of the Science).

Aviation Noise Impacts: State of the ScienceNoise is defined as “unwanted sound.” Aircraft noise is one, if not the most detrimental environmental effect of…

c)     Aircraft noise has also been linked to depression, particularly in the elderly. (Aircraft noise control policy and mental health: a natural experiment based on the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA). J Epidemiol Community Health.  2021. 75:458-463.

d)     Therefore, as reviewed in a), b), and c), increased aircraft noise has negative impact on the quality of life of neighborhood residents. This includes increased utilization of medications for sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular issues. (The role of aircraft noise annoyance and noise sensitivity in the association between aircraft noise levels and medication use: results of a pooled-analysis from seven European countries. BMC Public Health. 2021. 21:300.

e)     The proposal to increase flights to 24 hours also has significant negative impact. “Data suggest that night-time aircraft noise can trigger acute cardiovascular mortality. The association was similar to that previously observed for long-term aircraft noise exposure.” (Does night-time aircraft noise trigger mortality? A case-crossover study on 24,886 cardiovascular deaths. Eur Heart J.  2021. 42:835-843.

f)      The increased noise will lower property values, for which the Air Force offers no compensation.

g)     The impact of significantly augmented Air Force activities also requires an analysis of the potential impact on environmentally sensitive regions and species, as well as companion animals and livestock. This is an area of research that needs to be considered for potential negative impacts:

                             I.         A review of the effects of aircraft noise on wildlife and humans, current control mechanisms, and the need for further study. (Environ Manage2003. 32:418-32.A review of the effects of aircraft noise on wildlife and humans, current control mechanisms, and the need for further study – PubMed).

A review of the effects of aircraft noise on wildlife and humans, curren…Military and civilian aircraft overflights are an issue that may impact the quality of life for millions of Unit…

                            II.         Military Flights Threaten the Wilderness Soundscapes of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. (Northwest Science, 94:188-202. 2020.

Rio Vista Hills HOA Board