Traffic Alert for N. 293rd and N. 295th Ave

The APS contractor began excavation work for repairs to the underground cable on N 293rd avenue today, Tuesday June 29th. This will be followed by excavation on N 295th between Nicoulin’s residence and the first intersection.

Residents should please reduce travel speeds and use caution in construction zones.

Residents should expect brief power outages over the next few weeks as lines are tested and restored to use. 

Please be patient and show extra courtesy and care to the work crews. The duration of this work is not known at this time but could stretch to a few weeks.

Thank you,
Brett Gerasim
RVH HOA President

Suspicious Intruder Activity in RVH 6/25

Over this past Saturday night, the Hatfields on N 293rd Ave reported capturing video footage of an intruder apparently trying to gain entrance at the rear of their home/hangar.  An unknown individual is visible in this footage.  It does not appear that anything was taken or damaged and entrance to the structures did not occur.  In a possibly related incident, also the same night, the Wengers further north on N 293rd have reported evidence of a foreign vehicle parked on their driveway near the airstrip.  Their driveway gate was closed and locked and so it is believed the intruder gained access via the airstrip.  So far it does not appear any crimes have been committed.  Since no damage or thefts have occurred, reports of these incidents have not yet been filed with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).  It is the individual property owner’s responsibility to do so if they feel the occurrence is serious enough.

It is the RVH Board’s policy to inform residents of concerning situations as soon as we become aware of them.  In that spirit, we recommend keeping all exterior doors, windows, garage doors, pool equipment sheds, hangars, barns and storage sheds closed and locked where possible.  Keep vehicles, ATV’s, equipment, etc., locked and indoors if possible.  

We are reminded by MCSO that most crimes are crimes of opportunity and simple precautions can do much to put off unwanted loss.

If you witness an intruder on your property or in the neighborhood in general, if you feel it is serious enough, please promptly report it to MCSO (dial 911) and to an RVH Board member.

Announcement Regarding Recent Power Failures

In the last 72 hours RVH residents and neighbors have experienced 2 extended power failures. In both cases an underground cable suffered a failure. The first failure occurred between the first intersection and the transformer at Miller’s driveway along 294th Avenue. The second failure took place between the transformer across from Nicoulin’s residence and the transformer at the first intersection along 295th Avenue.

Nearly 1/2 mile of temporary power cable has been laid above ground at these failure locations. There is one cable crossing 295th Avenue near the intersection.

Residents are asked to reduce speed and use caution when driving in these locations.

Please be watchful for APS work crews at either location. The power cables that serve our community are now 50 years old. When we receive information regarding line replacement action and planned interruption of service you will be informed.

Thank you,

Brett Gerasim

RVH HOA President

2021 Annual Meeting Cancelled

Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, the RVH HOA Board has determined to cancel the Annual Meeting that was to be held at the Wickenburg Community Center on Monday, January 25, 2021.

To assure that every owner receives all the information they would normally receive at the Annual Meeting, the Board will prepare a Power Point presentation just as in prior years. This presentation will contain all the pertinent information including Secretary’s report, Treasurer’s report, Road report including spending in 2020 and budget for 2021. It will include announcement of the HOA dues and road use fees for 2021. In mid-January, this presentation package will be mailed to each owner including a cover letter that will briefly summarize the salient points of the presentation and will highlight the dues and road use fees for 2021.

Owners having new business to bring before the Board are requested to please contact one of the Board members via telephone or email.

The 2022 Annual Meeting is currently scheduled to be held at the Wickenburg Community Center on Monday, January 24, 2022.

Please do your best to stay healthy.

Street Sweeping Alert for Tuesday, 12/22

Dear Rio Vista Hills HOA Members and Neighbors,
On Tuesday December 22 Cactus Asphalt will be performing the annual sweeping all of our roads in Rio Vista Hills. They will start work around 7 AM and will continue all day. Please drive very carefully and be observant of equipment and personnel in the roadway.

For more information, please contact Robert Stringfellow at 714-292-9550.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Best Regards,
The RVH HOA Board
December 21, 2020

Traffic Alert

Starting the week of December 21, APS will be trenching and installing
new cable along the branch of N295th that runs from the Southwest
corner of Stringfellow’s lot all the way up the branch to Glinski’s
property. This work is expected to continue for several weeks.
Please drive slowly and carefully in the construction area and be alert
to equipment and personnel that may be in the roadway.
For more information please contact Robert Stringfellow 714-292-9550
The RVH HOA Board

Traffic Alert for 7/3 – 7/4/20

TRAFFIC ALERT — Friday, July 3rd and 4th

On Friday, July 3rd and Saturday, July 4th there will be a crew of workers at our entrance to repair the stucco on the entry arch columns and retaining walls. The initial phase of the work is expected to be completed on those two days.

Please drive slowly and be especially careful when driving through the area when workers are present.

Thank you in advance for your care and cooperation.


Bill Owens
RVH Board Secretary

Road Signage Announcement

Earlier this year, the Rio Vista Hills HOA completed installation of street signs at all the intersections within RVH.  Feedback so far has been excellent, and it is believed these signs will assist visitors, contractors, delivery services and emergency services in finding their way around within RVH.

To further assist drivers in finding your residence, you may wish to check and make sure the address on your mailbox is complete in showing both your House Number and Street Name.  Having your complete address visible at the entrance to your driveway is important.  Also, a driver who is trying to find their way around the neighborhood, perhaps searching for an address different from yours, may find it helpful if they can learn the Street Name they are travelling on from your mailbox.

If you do not receive US Mail at your residence, you may wish to provide an appropriate sign displaying your full address.  To improve nighttime visibility, you may wish to consider use of reflective lettering.

The HOA Board believes having complete address information at each driveway entrance will be an improvement; however, this is offered only as a suggestion and is not in any way mandatory.

If you have questions, you may contact the RVH HOA Secretary, Bill Owens (

Best Regards,

The Rio Vista Hills HOA Board of Directors

Robin Baysinger, Terry Craig, Brett Gerasim, Pat Mindrup, Bill Owens, Greg Painter, Matt Pearson and Kathryn Stringfellow