Dear Rio Vista Hills HOA members and neighbors,

From time to time, we see range cattle roaming through our community. Cattle can pose a danger to humans, horses, pets and property and can themselves fall victim to injury. Cattle guards such as at our entrance are danger areas. Preventing the animals from wandering onto Hwy 60 is also particularly important. When cattle are observed in our neighborhood, please contact the following rancher who will come and remove the animals:

D J Morales 928-671-0830

Please update your Rio Vista Hills Homeowners Directory as the rancher info listed at the bottom of page 2 has changed. If Mr. Morales cannot be reached, call the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office on the non-emergency line, 602-396-9288. They will assist in contacting Mr. Morales. 

We request residents to not put food or water out for the cattle. There is plenty of water in a tank not far up the wash. We do not wish to do anything to attract the animals.

Historical note: Arizona is an open range state. That means the responsibility for keeping livestock off property falls on the property owner, not the livestock owner. It is impossible for the rancher, who has hundreds of cattle spread over thousands of acres, to account for all their animals at all times. So, it is up to the private landowner with a defined area of property, to fence out livestock. The ranchers running these cattle are interested in minimizing injury to their animals and so have always been responsive when alerted to cattle in our neighborhood.

Also, for HOA residents, please remember that no poultry, swine or livestock is to be kept on any Lot, except that up to six horses shall be allowed at any one time, with certain restrictions.

For details regarding the restrictions, please refer to the RVH CC&Rs (Article 3.19) available on our website:

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Best regards,
The RVH HOA Board