Earlier this year, the Rio Vista Hills HOA completed installation of street signs at all the intersections within RVH.  Feedback so far has been excellent, and it is believed these signs will assist visitors, contractors, delivery services and emergency services in finding their way around within RVH.

To further assist drivers in finding your residence, you may wish to check and make sure the address on your mailbox is complete in showing both your House Number and Street Name.  Having your complete address visible at the entrance to your driveway is important.  Also, a driver who is trying to find their way around the neighborhood, perhaps searching for an address different from yours, may find it helpful if they can learn the Street Name they are travelling on from your mailbox.

If you do not receive US Mail at your residence, you may wish to provide an appropriate sign displaying your full address.  To improve nighttime visibility, you may wish to consider use of reflective lettering.

The HOA Board believes having complete address information at each driveway entrance will be an improvement; however, this is offered only as a suggestion and is not in any way mandatory.

If you have questions, you may contact the RVH HOA Secretary, Bill Owens (bowens2727@yahoo.com).

Best Regards,

The Rio Vista Hills HOA Board of Directors

Robin Baysinger, Terry Craig, Brett Gerasim, Pat Mindrup, Bill Owens, Greg Painter, Matt Pearson and Kathryn Stringfellow