Rio Vista Hills was hit this afternoon with a major thunderstorm that has left our roadways covered with mud and debris and causing severe edge-of-road damage in many areas. 3 inches of rain fell in a span of 2 hours. Most people in the neighborhood say they have never in 20 years experienced such a storm.

There is an extremely hazardous washout along the Northwest side of N 296 Ave. When driving Westbound on N 296th , as one starts down the hill at the first curve to the left there is a severe washout on the right hand side of the roadway. Barrier markers are in place to limit travel to one lane along the left-hand side of the road, the side against the hill, when going down the hill. However, the roadway is possibly very unstable in this area and great caution must be used. Please be careful to avoid driving near the edge of the washout as the roadway could collapse further. We will have an engineering crew look at this area as soon as possible. In the meantime, please use extreme caution in this area and in any other areas where edge of road washout has occurred.

Pick-up trucks and SUVs may pass most areas without issue but, because of the size of the debris and depth of mud, use of passenger cars, compacts, etc. is not recommended. If such travel is necessary, please use extreme caution to avoid damage to your vehicle or possible loss of control.

The Board is working on the issues and will first address clean-up and debris removal activities. We are seeking contractors who can, as soon as possible, help us to perform this massive amount of work. We are also seeking engineers who can advise on repairs to areas where the edge of the road has been severely damaged. Extreme vigilance is required as more rain is expected in the coming days. There may be new areas of road damage showing up and more debris coming onto the road surface.

Please use caution. Limit travel as much as possible until the road has been cleared. Thank you.