Dear RVH Residents and Neighbors,

Cactus Asphalt has finally been able to schedule our repair and infrastructure improvement project relating to the storm damage that occurred along N 296th Ave.

The work is scheduled for Oct 11 – 15.  The work is expected to take the entire week. A single lane will remain open to traffic throughout except for momentary closures due to equipment movement.

A notice will be sent to all residents and neighbors again just prior to the start of work as a reminder to please drive slowly and use care when passing through the work zone.

The attached aerial view is an artist’s conception of the scope of the project as it will appear when completed.
Thanks for your patience.  All contractors are swamped with work right now for a variety of reasons.  And it has taken much longer than expected to develop and review the design and to complete the bidding, RVH Board review and approval process and then scheduling.  That is all now complete. We are in the queue to have our work done as soon as possible.

Bill Owens