Dear RVH HOA Members and neighbors,

Chipsealing of all RVH roads is scheduled to begin Wednesday June 22, and will be completed the next day. Fogsealing, a coating of asphalt sealant applied over the new chipseal, is scheduled to be applied Monday, June 27.

During these operations residents are encouraged to avoid using the roads. If you must go out, expect delays and possible accumulation of liquid asphalt on tires and painted surfaces of your vehicle. Warn your scheduled contractors, landscapers, etc. not to visit during construction. Keep pets clear of the fresh asphalt. If you walk the roads, remember to check your shoes before heading inside. Asphalt on painted surfaces can be removed with mineral spirits. The contractor is not responsible for damage or inconvenience.

Cactus Asphalt performed the most recent chipsealing of our roads and has been selected this time as well. They will be using state of the art equipment and methods of application. Pre-coated MAG (Maricopa Area Governments) specification fractured stone will be used throughout the project. The binding asphalt is produced using 10 percent recycled tire rubber for added strength, increased traction, and quiet travel. Expected service life is between seven and ten years.

On behalf of the Board, thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Brett Gerasim
RVH HOA Board President