In the last 72 hours RVH residents and neighbors have experienced 2 extended power failures. In both cases an underground cable suffered a failure. The first failure occurred between the first intersection and the transformer at Miller’s driveway along 294th Avenue. The second failure took place between the transformer across from Nicoulin’s residence and the transformer at the first intersection along 295th Avenue.

Nearly 1/2 mile of temporary power cable has been laid above ground at these failure locations. There is one cable crossing 295th Avenue near the intersection.

Residents are asked to reduce speed and use caution when driving in these locations.

Please be watchful for APS work crews at either location. The power cables that serve our community are now 50 years old. When we receive information regarding line replacement action and planned interruption of service you will be informed.

Thank you,

Brett Gerasim

RVH HOA President