Over this past Saturday night, the Hatfields on N 293rd Ave reported capturing video footage of an intruder apparently trying to gain entrance at the rear of their home/hangar.  An unknown individual is visible in this footage.  It does not appear that anything was taken or damaged and entrance to the structures did not occur.  In a possibly related incident, also the same night, the Wengers further north on N 293rd have reported evidence of a foreign vehicle parked on their driveway near the airstrip.  Their driveway gate was closed and locked and so it is believed the intruder gained access via the airstrip.  So far it does not appear any crimes have been committed.  Since no damage or thefts have occurred, reports of these incidents have not yet been filed with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).  It is the individual property owner’s responsibility to do so if they feel the occurrence is serious enough.

It is the RVH Board’s policy to inform residents of concerning situations as soon as we become aware of them.  In that spirit, we recommend keeping all exterior doors, windows, garage doors, pool equipment sheds, hangars, barns and storage sheds closed and locked where possible.  Keep vehicles, ATV’s, equipment, etc., locked and indoors if possible.  

We are reminded by MCSO that most crimes are crimes of opportunity and simple precautions can do much to put off unwanted loss.

If you witness an intruder on your property or in the neighborhood in general, if you feel it is serious enough, please promptly report it to MCSO (dial 911) and to an RVH Board member.