The work at the erosion sites on N 296th Ave that was supposed to happen on Monday, January 3rd, failed to occur. The work crews from Cactus Asphalt showed up, but the cement and rock deliveries failed to happen.

We have been informed that the rock delivery is now expected on January 6th . Please be on alert that work crews may be present at the erosion site on N 296th Ave on that day and possibly on subsequent days. Cactus has been unable to confirm a delivery date for the cement grout that remains to be applied to the rock spillway.

Lacking the ability to forecast these materials deliveries, we can only ask that you please be prepared for the presence of work crews at that site without notice. The Board will provide you with updated information as soon as we have it.

When approaching and driving through the work area, please drive slowly and be patient and be alert to the movement of personnel and equipment. The crews will do their best to minimize delays to traffic.

Thank you,
Brett Gerasim
RVH HOA President