Dear Rio Vista Hills HOA Members and Neighbors,

Due to ongoing concerns over COVID-19, the Board has decided to cancel the public meeting again this year.

As we did last year, to assure that every owner receives all the information they would normally receive at the Annual Meeting, the Board will prepare a PowerPoint presentation just as has been presented in prior years.  This presentation will contain all the pertinent information including Secretary’s report, Treasurer’s report, Road report including spending in 2021 and budget for 2022. It will include the announcement of the HOA dues and road use fees for 2022. This presentation package will be mailed to each owner no later than the week of January 24th .

Owners having new business to bring before the Board are requested to please contact one of the Board members via telephone or email.

The 2023 Annual Meeting is currently scheduled to be held at the Wickenburg Community Center on the fourth Monday in January 2023.

Best Regards,
The RVH HOA Board
January 7, 2022